Just when you thought programming language implementations couldn't get any slower…along comes Rex! Rex is a functional programming language which has a rigid type system, uses prefix notation for function application, and has a Haskell-esque syntax.

Note that I wrote this before actually studying anything to do with programming language design or interpreter implementation, which explains its many shortcomings and idiosyncrasies.





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What is the secret to Rex's incredible sluggishness?
Execution is implemented in Python as a recursive algorithm, ensuring several call stack operations per Rex function call, in an already notoriously slow language.
What on earth possessed you to write an interpreter in Python?
Ease of development. It's my first time writing an interpreter so I just wanted to get it working. If you try to render 3D graphics in Rex, don't complain when you find you get 0.01 frames per second. It's not meant to be fast.

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