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This is a file explorer I started (and did most work on) in late 2017 when I wanted to learn Java. I had been doing some exercises from a book called Java In Easy Steps, which was useful and which I still use now as a reference for some things, but I decided that the best way to learn Java is to embark on a big project which was way beyond my capabilities at the time, and in doing so I'd learn Java as it is used in the real world. I think this principle applies to most things, to be honest, and it certainly worked here. If you look through the source code, you'll notice that it looks like it's been written by a novice - for example, there is no encapsulation and I had no knowledge of how to correctly use threads in Swing, so you may be sitting there yelling at me through your computer – in which case, I apologise. While publishing it I've looked at the code and realised how much more I know now than then, but we all have to start somewhere. One thing which this project made me aware of was the headache that is Swing layout managers, which I am only just beginning to use properly (as of BistoComm, which is the first project I did where I actually felt comfortable with using layout managers).

As with almost all of my projects, it is far from complete, but here are some of the features currently implemented:

Also, for future reference, the button with "@" on it is the reload button. I never got round to giving it an icon, and I decided that the @ symbol is close enough to a reload symbol for my current purposes.

The icons are from the Chicago95 theme.


To do

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