There were six people in my A-level computer science class, so when we started studying networking our teacher thought it'd be a good idea to give us time to work on a group project over a couple of lessons, so that everyone could get to grips with sockets in Python. We set up a few Raspberry Pis and I brought in a spare router to connect them all to, then we started thinking about what to do and how to do it. We settled on a messaging system (similar to my earlier BahaMail program, but ended up being far, far better), and devised an very simple HTTP-esque protocol, then over the next two lessons we each worked on separate programs to implement it - I worked on the server and everyone else made their own clients. Later on, at home, I wrote a client as well because I didn't have the chance to while in class. The server and my original client are both written in Python, but I have since made a graphical client using Java which automatically refreshes the message list, whereas with the command line ones you have to manually fetch the messages.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, especially Tom and Harris who stayed behind with me after sixth form to finish it.



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